What’s the point of catching feelings for someone you have 0 chances with.. someone who has no idea you even exist, it’s all a one sided thing.. the pain is worse, because you just fall in love more and more the more you learn about them but you know it will never be anything… you just feel dumb for feeling this way.. it sucks…

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Anonymous said:
Well everyone is going think he's gonna kill her when in reality they just fucking lol

righhhttt? that’s what I’m sayin lol

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Anonymous said:
We're giving a ton of good ideas but no stories resulting!! ;)

Shhhh it takes time lol

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Anonymous said:
Ooh the Bonnie and Clyde thing sounds good ! Or she was like a part of the whole cartel but a really small part and she overhears Somthing she isn't suppose to and Bruno had to "take care of it "

Ohh “take care” of his girl as in sex or actually get rid of her? lol

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Anonymous said:
Can you write one about Bruno being a drug cartel leader

hmmm, and how would you want the girl to be? just a side chick? a bonnie & clyde sort of thing or what? :)

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Guess who got an iPad today? :)
New one shots?

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"*sigh :) .. When you find it dont let it go.. and if you let it go find it" - Chanel

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Guess who just ordered a new iPad with keyboard?

You know what that means..


New fanfics ;)

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I know I don’t Really write anymore… My laptop keeps restarting randomly and sometimes it happens in the middle of writing and then I lose everything that I was just writing… it’s aggravating. But I’m trying to get a new laptop so maybe new stories soon? :)

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Rainy day, home alone, Just lied to facebook “Friends” about going out tonight.. lol Seems like a good night to write :)

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Literally had to take a pregnancy test when I got home.
Damn them hip thrusts.
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You’ll be bangin’ on my chest…

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Gorilla ~ Washington DC, The Moonshine Jungle Tour
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Switched the theme.

It should be easy to find the one shots now :)

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