Anonymous said:
You gonna write anything soon?

Hmmm possibly.. I just need some inspiration…
Come on Bruno tweet a naked selfie to get me inspired lmao

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Anonymous said:
Well everyone is going think he's gonna kill her when in reality they just fucking lol

righhhttt? that’s what I’m sayin lol

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Anonymous said:
We're giving a ton of good ideas but no stories resulting!! ;)

Shhhh it takes time lol

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Anonymous said:
Ooh the Bonnie and Clyde thing sounds good ! Or she was like a part of the whole cartel but a really small part and she overhears Somthing she isn't suppose to and Bruno had to "take care of it "

Ohh “take care” of his girl as in sex or actually get rid of her? lol

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Anonymous said:
Can you write one about Bruno being a drug cartel leader

hmmm, and how would you want the girl to be? just a side chick? a bonnie & clyde sort of thing or what? :)

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Guess who got an iPad today? :)
New one shots?

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"*sigh :) .. When you find it dont let it go.. and if you let it go find it" - Chanel

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Guess who just ordered a new iPad with keyboard?

You know what that means..


New fanfics ;)

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I know I don’t Really write anymore… My laptop keeps restarting randomly and sometimes it happens in the middle of writing and then I lose everything that I was just writing… it’s aggravating. But I’m trying to get a new laptop so maybe new stories soon? :)

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Rainy day, home alone, Just lied to facebook “Friends” about going out tonight.. lol Seems like a good night to write :)

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Literally had to take a pregnancy test when I got home.
Damn them hip thrusts.
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You’ll be bangin’ on my chest…

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Gorilla ~ Washington DC, The Moonshine Jungle Tour
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Switched the theme.

It should be easy to find the one shots now :)

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